LifeHover was born with a simple plan:
To make ambulances available for a largely unaware Delhi.

Our Founders

Pranav Bajaj

A Commerce graduate, Pranav drives partner acquisition at LifeHover. He brings in rich startup experience from his time at Zomato where he led the company’s business development activities in the Delhi NCR region across specific categories. With inspiring vigour, Pranav pushes LifeHover both in terms of growth and focusing on getting the right feedback on our product from the market. An avid cricketer, Pranav takes his lessons from the field to the workplace, making him a great team player.

Prerit Mittal

The go to guy, Prerit is resident Yoda at LifeHover. His past stint with the Indian Angel Network has instilled in him a deep understanding of the startup environment and he uses this knowledge effectively to enhance LifeHover both as a brand as well as a product. A Computer Science Engineer, Prerit now handles our operations and marketing activities. He loves to read and on most Sundays, he can be found on the cricket ground, hitting unsuspecting bowlers for a six.

Ravjot Arora

A Computer Science Engineer, Ravjot handles the finance and technical operations for LifeHover. A seasoned businessman, Ravjot has been involved in his family business for the last 7 years. Last year, he also started a seafood export venture in Mumbai. Ravjot brings in new operational ideas while directing the financial aspects to ensure effective running of LifeHover. Whenever he gets a little time out from his hectic work schedule, Ravjot takes to the football field to chase goals of a sporty kind.

Our Team

Ankita Mittal

A Jill of all trades, Ankita is the Chief Helper around at LifeHover. An ISB alumna, she has worked across a variety of functions and sectors ranging from HR in Pharma to Project Management in Telecom. Her diverse experience and knowledge make her an effective sounding board and advisor. During her free time, Ankita can be found with her nose buried in a book or catching up on movies and plays.

Arti Aggarwal

A post-graduate from IE Business School, Madrid, Arti directs the flow of marketing at LifeHover. She derives inspiration from her rich experience in Marketing and Advertising for international organisations in the past to infuse a freshness in the development of LifeHover. A travel and book enthusiast, Arti can be found either reading or cooking on the weekends, planning a new adventure.

Nitin Sinha

A Computer Science wizard, certified from Microsoft and Oracle, Nitin is the translator behind the website, using his multi-lingual (HTML 5, PHP, Angular JS) knowledge to transform the blank webpages into bright colourful visions. On weekends, Nitin can be found raising runs on the cricket field and creating a canvas there.

Dhiraj Kumar

A Designing Champ with skills ranging from HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery and Javascript to Photoshop, Dhiraj is the resident expert to turn a thought to a beautiful visual. Transforming words into a beautiful scene comes naturally to the deviser who can be found curled up with a good book whenever time permits.

Deepanshu Rustagi

An Android whiz by profession, Deepanshu puts in the blood and sweat for the LifeHover android app. An expert at various languages of the technical kind, Deepanshu loves reading novels in his free time. He also enjoys playing cricket with his friends, taking his intense focus from coding to scoring runs on the ground.

Rohit Sharma

An operations hotshot, Rohit is the high octane Ops Associate at LifeHover. From his previous stint at a concierge service startup, Rohit brings in crucial operations experience and a good understanding of how startups work. He uses his outgoing nature to effortlessly connect with everyone he meets, a critical skill that makes him effective at what he does. A charmer by nature, Rohit can be seen relaxing with a book or catching up on a good movie in his downtime.

We are a balanced team.
We value our users and treat building this
brand as our passion.

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